Why it’s crucial to have a website as a Sole Trader

Becoming a sole trader is an extremely exciting, but also scary move. Working for yourself is a very appealing trait to have in life, but you need to make sure you do it correctly. Having a website can be compared to a shop window, for a start you have to have one or nobody will see your products and services, and secondly, you need to make sure it’s visually appealing in order to get business. If you want to stay up to date with your competitors, then you definitely need to have a website.

Why websites are becoming more popular

One of the main reasons websites are becoming a necessity, regardless if you’re a successful sole trader or small business, is because of the inclining growth of technology. Every day, thousands of new people introduce themselves to the internet, new technology, and in particular, smartphones. It’s the simple solution to not having thousands of leaflets produced and scattered around your office or home and then having the effort of putting them through peoples doors. If people can find your business online through a visually appealing website, that’s clear, easy to read and detailed with pricing, then you’re going to be in business. Another key reason to having a website is that you can list your entire business on there with an unlimited amount of space, compared to trying to squeeze exactly what you want in a leaflet or advert.

Getting Started on your Website

This is probably the most grueling process of setting your business up online, especially if you’re a perfectionist’. Making a website can be done in a couple of ways. The first option is to hire web developers and have them design and create the website for you. Paying web developers is going to be the most expensive option, however, it’ll probably give you the best outcome in terms of what you specifically want and how stress free you’d like the process to be. Which brings me on to the second option.

There are plenty of websites out there, such as WiX, who provide easy website creation for people who don’t know much about how they are made or have any idea what coding is. They will simply take you through a process of picking a design, customising it and inputting your information. The only problem with this is that it can be a lot more difficult than expected, spending a lot of time on it and stressing over it is not something most people need or want!

Paying/booking online through E-Commerce

A second up and coming reason that websites are crucial to sole traders is the ability to sell products and services online in a time efficient and simple manner. It all depends on your type of business. If you’re an artist, for example, who’d like to showcase your masterpieces professionally on a nice website, it’s probably a great idea to set up E-Commerce, which will allow you to directly sell them on your website. On the other hand, if you’re let’s say an electrician, then everything is done through quotes. Saying that, it can still be great to have a visual appearance where people can read about you, see your feedback and more in a clear and simple way on the web. Whatever your profession, having a website is a definite must in this day and age.

If you’re interested in finding out more about websites for sole traders, then take a look at our guide to create a google friendly website to excel your business!

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