Different Air Conditioning options for your home this summer

The UK is set for another heat wave this summer, with temperatures soaring to the 30 degrees Celsius mark, it’s going to be a popular trend to have air conditioning in your home. Because a lot of homes in the UK are without built in air conditioning, we’ve put together some different air conditioning options for you to look through if you’re considering getting an installation done or simply want to purchase something portable.

Different Air Conditioning options for your home this summer

Portable Air Conditioning Units

The most popular of air conditioning devices, the portable units can be great if you’re moving around the house or changing rooms a lot. Such as wanting some air conditioning for when you sleep, wanting some whilst you work in the study, or even if it’s to keep a room cool without you being in it. Portable air conditioning units are normally noisier than other air conditioning units, however, premium units can have noise reduction features. Prices for portable air conditioning units typically range between £300-£600 depending on size, power and how much noise they make.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Ductless units are a more powerful form of air conditioning, and actually provide heating too. This could be a good investment for both the summer and the winter. Ductless systems consist of a wall unit and/or ceiling cassette, which give you the cold or hot air, and also the outdoor condenser units. You can have a single zone condenser, which will power just one indoor unit, or you can have a multi zone condenser, which can power up to four indoor units, depending on the size of your home and how many rooms you want to be air conditioned. Although ductless systems will cost a lot more in terms of the systems you are getting and installation costs, they are very energy efficient and will save you money over the life of the units. Prices vary, but typically start at £1000+ including installation.

Central Air Conditioning Units

The most premium air conditioning a home can have, central air conditioning is the quietest, most comfortable and best performing unit on the market. Central air conditioning consists of two units, the evaporating unit, which uses the same ductwork as your central heating, and the condensing unit which sits outside. There is a small risk with central air conditioning units, which pushes people to spend more on professional installation. This is making sure the system is correctly sized to fit your home. If it’s too large then the system may not work properly in your home, such as dehumidifying and short cycling. Prices typically start at £2000+

Window Air Conditioning Units

Window air conditioning units are systems that sit either by the window or through a hole in a wall. They work by compressing hot air, until it becomes a liquid and passes the liquid through coils to expand into cold air, which is blown out to reduce room temperature. Window air conditioning units are best fit for countries with hot outdoor climates, especially overnight. Prices typically range from £150-£450.

We hope this information helps you decide which air conditioning unit is right for you and your home this summer. Stay cool!

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