Become a fully qualified Electrician with EC4U

Electrician Courses 4U are pleased to announce that we will soon be launching 3 new courses to help you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified electrician. From early 2023, we will begin offering the following qualifications:

– City and Guilds 2365-02 Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)

– City and Guilds 2365-03 Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures)

– City and Guilds Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology (2357)

Why introduce these courses?

The electrical industry, like many others, is constantly striving to improve standards within the industry, ensuring the highest levels of workmanship and safety as well as becoming more environmentally focused. As such, in September 2021 the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) was updated which had a big impact on the way electricians can become part of a Competent Persons Scheme such as NICEIC or NAPIT. This and other changes to qualifications within the industry means that now in order to join a Competent Persons Scheme you will need to achieve a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnical technology.

We are therefore now introducing a new route to help you gain your NVQ, hopefully making it as simple and straightforward as possible. Upon achieving this qualification you will be able to either join a Competent Persons Scheme or apply for your ECS Gold Card (providing you have achieved the other entry requirements).

How can I become a qualified electrician with EC4U?

We have designed our route to becoming a qualified electrician as simple as possible, trying to reduce the amount of time you need to attend in person training and allowing you to fit the courses around your other commitments.

Firstly, you will need to attend our Domestic Electrician Course, this is our introductory course consisting of 2 weeks in centre training, and one week online training. By completing this course first, you give yourself the opportunity to try out and see if being an electrician is for you without having to commit to thousands of pounds in training costs upfront. Or you may wish to book our Domestic Electrician Package which contains an extra week, our unique Experience Course, a week of hands on, practical experience in our mock flats which will give you a taste of what working as an electrician is really like. All these courses will teach you the fundamental skills and knowledge of domestic electrics, allowing you to go out, begin working as an electrician and build up your experience. These courses will also contain some of the elements from the diploma qualifications, meaning you can tick some of the learning content from the other courses off the list straight away!

You will then need to enrol onto our City & Guilds Level 2 2365 course – a course comprising of online learning, followed by 2 weeks of hands on, in centre training.

After successful completion of the Level 2 2365 course you will be ready to enrol onto the City & Guilds Level 3 2365. This course will follow a similar format to the Level 2 2365 course, meaning most of your learning will be online with just 2 weeks of in person training. You can even complete all your online exams at home for this and the other courses.

Finally, once you have achieved your Level 2 and Level 3 2365 qualifications, you will be ready to enol onto the City and Guilds Level 3 NVQ 2357 course. Upon enrolment onto the course you will complete a bridging assessment. Successful completion of this assessment, along with your prior knowledge, will lead to completion of the theory modules of the NVQ leaving you to complete the evidence portfolio only.

Once you have successfully built your evidence portfolio and had it signed off by an assessor you will need to complete an AM2 assessment. This is a final assessment carried out by an independent assessor. This assessment will incur an extra cost and you will have to book it through your local NET centre. Once you have successfully passed your AM2 you will receive your Level 3 NVQ qualification.

I have completed my Level 3 NVQ, what next?

This very much depends on what sort of electrician you would like to start working as. Now you have achieved your NVQ, you are one step closer to joining a Competent Persons Scheme or applying for your ECS Gold Card.

Whether looking to join a Competent Persons Scheme as a Domestic Installer or Approved Contractor, you will need your Level 3 NVQ diploma. As well as your diploma, you will also need an 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Qualification, a Level 3 Testing & Periodic Qualification and 2 years experience. You will complete your 18th Edition qualification during your initial training with us, so the only additional qualification you will need to achieve is your Level 3 Testing and Periodic Course, this can completed alongside any of your diploma courses or once you have finished your NVQ, it is up to you. Once you have gained all the necessary qualifications and experience you will then be ready to apply to join a scheme, find out more about the process here.

You may decide that now you have achieved your Level 3 NVQ, you would like to apply for your ECS Gold Card. This is the simplest way of proving that you are a fully qualified electrician, and a must if you are looking to work unsupervised on construction sites or within a commercial setting. By giving yourself the opportunity to work unsupervised you are also opening up the opportunities for promotion and higher earnings.  Alongside your Level 3 NVQ, you will also need your 18th Edition Qualification and a current ECS HS&E assessment before applying for your card.

Learn about the different routes on how to become an electrician.