LED vs Fluorescent Lighting

LED vs Fluorescent

LED (light emitting diodes) is the most modern form of lighting, the actual bulb is very small and emits very little heat. LED lights also have no mercury present in the bulb. A bonus to LED lights is that, compared to traditional fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, they have no breakable glass reducing further danger and increasing health and safety. Added to this, because they produce very little heat, it’s safe to say you will find if you came in contact with the light you would not burn yourself. Whereas with fluorescents and incandescents people, especially younger children, can burn themselves due to the hot surface.

Fluorescent is the most popular form of lighting used today, much due to the great savings made in terms of energy costs and lifespan compared to traditional incandescent lights. Fluorescents were seen as a great alternative due to the lifespan being boosted from 1,200 hours on average with incandescents to 9,000 hours. The watt usage of incandescents is 60 watts, so compared to fluorescents they prove to be a poor option. The biggest notable difference, however, is the amount of energy used in comparison. Incandescents use 3285 KWh/yr, fluorescents use 767 KWh/yr and LEDs use 329 KWh/yr.

Facts about LED Lighting

  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Uses approximately 8 Watts
  • Average cost per bulb of £15
  • £32 cost for 50,000 hours

Facts about Fluorescent Lighting

  • Lasts up to 9,000 hours
  • Uses approximately 14 Watts
  • Average cost per bulb of £5
  • £48 cost for 50,000 hours

Why choose LED and how much do I save?

Using LED, you will save 62% in costs.

An LED bulb will actually use 75% less energy on average compared to a standard fluorescent bulb.

LED lighting can be more expensive initially when buying the bulbs, however, in the long run they will save you money.

If making the switch to LED is too expensive, it is still viable to consider changing the most used lights in your home.

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