New EAL Qualifications Available

We are the first electrical training centre to be delivering the brand new qualifications with EAL. EC4U wants to give its customers the choice of which qualification is best suited to them and their learning needs – City & Guilds or EAL!

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Who are EAL?

EAL are a specialist industry awarding organisation with years of experience. Their qualifications are specifically tailored to the construction industry only, with many notable electrical publications, such as the IET guides, recognising and supporting them.

They have developed strong working partnerships with leading Part P scheme providers, NICEIC & ELECSA, and are committed to delivery high standard solutions to industry qualifications.

The brand new EAL qualifications are:

Level 2 Award in Fundamental Initial Verification of Electrical Installations – 603/0144/2

Level 3 Award in the Building Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings – 603/0149/1

Level 2 Inspection and Testing Qualification

The first new qualification we will be offering to customers is the EAL Level 2 Fundamental Initial Verification course which gives our customer the opportunity to complete their two exams in realistic conditions.

In City & Guilds Level 2 online exam there are 50 questions set over 1 hour 40 minutes with no books allowed. Comparatively, with EAL’s online exam there are just 30 questions over 60 minutes and you are allowed to take in your Guidance Note 3 with you.

For the new EAL practical assessment, you will be allowed 2 hours for the practical and an additional 30 minutes to complete all necessary paperwork. This is compared to City & Guilds total time of 2 hours to complete both the practical assessment and the paperwork.

We find this to be a far more realistic approach to exams and qualifications, for example if you were on site and stumbled upon an issue, you would be able to look in your book if you were unsure. If you didn’t check, you could get it wrong and that is where accidents occur.

Part P Qualification

For the Part P qualification, EAL offer an up to date exam that stays specific to the current Building Regulations.

Both City & Guilds and EAL online exams for the Part P qualification have 20 questions over 40 minutes. However the major change for the EAL qualification lies in the updated questions, which are based on BS 7671 2015 revised 4th edition of the Electricians Guide to Building Regulations. City & Guilds Part P exam is still based on the 2nd edition of that publication, which was last updated in 2012.

With recent changes to regulations, it is important us and our customers that we have the most up to date qualifications and course to ensure you are up to date with these changes. Other course providers are still working with the older exams versions.

The choice is yours!

Our customers will have the choice of which qualification they would like to receive when training with us: City & Guilds or EAL.

Both qualifications are accredited and recognised in the industry and the course material will remain the same for the duration. The only difference will be the examinations and the qualification you receive when you complete your course.

Want to know more?

EAL qualifications will be available in our electrical training centre from 19th September 2016.

If you would like to know more about these new EAL qualifications available at EC4U, please contact us via email or call into the office on 01444 872145.

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