New entry requirements for joining a Competent Person Scheme from 1st September 2021

As of 1st September 2021, Competent Person Schemes (CPS) will be enforcing new entry requirements for any new entrants. If you are already with a Scheme Provider, such as NICEIC or NAPIT, you will not need to worry as your membership will still be honoured. 

NAPIT and NICEIC are members of The Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) Management Committee, who are responsible for shaping the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification. This specification lays out the minimum requirements for electrical contractors joining a CPS, ensuring that a strong standard of work within the electrical sector is upheld. 

CPS providers have now informed training centres of these upcoming changes, to make both past and future customers aware of the new requirements for joining. These changes will only bring about a positive change within the electrical sector, helping to push for a greater level of competency of contractors. One thing that hasn’t changed with Schemes is the requirement for all new entrants to have 2 years of professional electrical experience within the industry, regardless of their qualifications, this can be gained from either working self-employed for yourself or working for another firm or electrical contractor. 

The new requirements for joining a CPS, whether NICEIC or NAPIT, are detailed in the EAS Qualifications Guide, which you can read for further detail. This guide explains the various qualifications they will now be accepting as a minimum.

We understand this will be a great concern for many new entrants in the industry who have already completed their training, with the ultimate goal of becoming a registered electrician with a CPS in the future. However, EC4U are working through the new qualification requirements and designing a solution for both those who have previously completed their training and are aiming to join a scheme after building up 2 years experience, and those new to the industry who are yet to take on electrical training.  

This solution will be a stepping stone for experienced operatives, who have gained experience in the industry, completed their respective electrical training and are now looking to join a CPS after 1st September 2021. We will update you soon when we have further information regarding this new route to joining a CPS. 

In the meantime, we understand that many of those either new to the electrical industry or currently working as electrical contractors may have some questions, which we are here to answer for you. 

I’m starting my electrical training this year and have two years experience. Does this mean I won’t be able to join a Competent Person Scheme? 

If you apply to join a scheme before 31st August 2021, these requirements will not yet come into force. If you are joining a scheme after 1st September 2021, you will first need to contact your training provider to ensure what qualification you are gaining after your training and if it is still applicable to joining or if they have a plan in place for you after completing your training. 

You may be required to complete an experienced operative route, designed for those with proven experience in the industry. Once completing this additional qualification, you will then be able to join a CPS. 

I’m doing my electrical training this year and I don’t have two years experience, what will I do once I gain the two years experience and want to join a Competent Person Scheme? 

After completing your course, you will need to build up your professional electrical experience. You can still take on minor works within domestic dwellings, carrying out any extensions or alterations on existing circuits, and any notifiable work will need to be signed off through your local building control. 

Once you have gained two years experience, you can then complete the experienced operative route, ensuring that you are up to standard for joining a CPS.

I’m new to the electrical industry and I haven’t booked a training course, what should I do?

These new requirements should not put you off from making a career change to the electrical industry or adding electrics into your business (if you are an associate trader or example). 

If you complete a Domestic Electrician Course, Domestic Electrician Course + or Domestic Electrician Package, you will still be able to complete minor works upon qualifying from your training. 

If in the future you then decide to join a CPS, wanting to sign off your own notifiable work, you would simply complete the experienced operative route to bring your level of competency up to the minimum standard for joining.

I’ve completed my training and I’m qualified. Does this mean I can’t do any electrical work? 

You only need to join a Scheme if you are signing off notifiable work within domestic. If you are carrying out minor works (extensions or alterations on existing circuits) then you will still be allowed to carry on as you are competent to carry out minor works. If you wish to carry out notifiable work, you may still do so through your local building control.

If you have two years experience already and are qualified, we would definitely recommend joining a CPS before 1st September to become a registered electrician and future-proof yourself and your business before these changes come into effect.

I’m registered with NAPIT or NICEIC. Do these new requirements mean I will need to do more qualifications before my next re-assessment?

If you registered with a scheme before the requirements change on the 1st September, then don’t worry, you will not be required to undertake any further qualifications before your next re-assessment. These new entry requirements are only for new entrants. Existing memberships will be honoured.


As soon as we have any further information, we will update it to the blog. 

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