If you still can’t quite decide if EC4U is what you need, then why not let some of our satisfied customers give their opinion, and explain how EC4U has helped them on the road to a sucessful career.

Samuel Brooker, Eastbourne

After working in retail for over seven years, Samuel decided he wanted a change of career and started looking into electrical training. He did some research into training courses, and liked the look of the EC4U facilities. He spoke to company director Nigel Best and discussed the reasons why he wanted to change career, and the direction he wanted to move towards in the future. Samuel was very impressed with Nigel’s friendly and knowledgeable approach, and made the decision to sign up for the twenty day course.

The EC4U units were within easy reach of Samuel’s location, and he found them to be modern and well organised. One of the first classes that Samuel took was the 17th edition training course, which was very daunting due to size and complexity of the ‘Big Red Book,’ which contains all of the knowledge required for 17th edition courses. But Samuel’s early concerns were eased by patient tutoring by his teacher, Steve, who broke the book down in to easy-to-manage sections, and helped Samuel identify which areas were important for certain exam questions. The small class sizes also played a part in assisting Samuel’s learning, and he never felt awkward when asking the tutors to go over a section again, or when asking for help on a particular topic.

With his confidence raised and a firm foundation of knowledge behind him, Samuel took the open book exam and passed the 17th edition training course successfully. He went on to complete the rest of the 20 day course and is now just about to begin the Experience Week, where he will be able to put his newly learned skills to the test under supervision.

The future for Samuel is now much brighter. He is looking to gain some more experience, and is considering one of EC4U’s new Solar PV training courses. With this experience behind him, Samuel hopes to one day go into business with his brother, a plasterer, and build up a property maintenance company. He’s eager to recommend EC4U, and has already convinced one his mates from the retail business to take a course at EC4U instead of going into plumbing.