If you still can’t quite decide if EC4U is what you need, then why not let some of our satisfied customers give their opinion, and explain how EC4U has helped them on the road to a sucessful career.

Martin Tuke, Brighton

Martin is a builder and plasterer in the Brighton area. After many years of doing builds and having to wait for the ‘sparkies’ to show up, Martin decided that he would take the situation into his own hands and started looking into electrical training.

He visited one training company in Crawley and another in Dartford, and although the facilities in both places were smart and modern, Martin found that there were quite a few things that he wasn’t so impressed with. He thought that the class sizes were far too large and that students seemed to be vying for the tutor’s attention. His impression was that he would have felt a little cooped up in these classes, and that the amount of students created a slightly rushed and manic environment, not really conducive to learning.

Martin then had a look around EC4U’s facilities and found them to be much more suited to what he was looking for. The company’s Director, Nigel Best, showed him the classes and workshops, and introduced him to the team, and it was clear straight away that EC4U would give him a much more relaxed, friendly and focussed environment in which to train and learn.

Martin took the Key Stage Course with the help of the tutor Steve , who Martin praised for his ‘limitless patience’ with his and other students’ questions. Although there was a lot of information on the course, it was presented at a laid back pace, and because of the small class sizes, there was no stress or pressure to learn faster than was comfortable.

Martin passed the course and would ‘without a doubt, 100%’ recommend EC4U to anyone in his position who wants an electrical course that works. As soon as he’s registered, Martin will utilise his newly learned skills to build up his trade and head towards a secure future.