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  • Prolongs the life of a metal clad consumer unit, where the screws are loose and the thread is worn out.

nut inserts riveting gun and insert review

Hundreds of metal clad consumer units are being installed every day across the country. However, in some cases, the thread for screws can get worn out on metal boards.

In most cases, if a nut gets removed a lot, damage is made to the thread as it gradually gets worn down. This means that the screws can’t grip as well because the thread is gone. With the thread gone, the screw could fall out and in these cases, a nut insert is advised.

If left with a worn out thread, a missing screw and a gap in the board, this will then be breaking the regulation and IP code, because someone who is not electrically aware could get their hand in and touch a live part, or possibly a rodent could get inside and damage the cables and the circuit.

It’s important that metal clad consumer units are secure and fire safe, with this comes the needs for connections to be tight and no loose pieces.

The only other alternative to a nut insert, if the screw and thread goes on the board, is to change the entire consumer unit.

But you can save yourself time and the customer money with the use of a Riveting Gun and Rivet Set. These two products make this a simple 5 minute fix to make sure the metal clad board is safe once again and complies with current regulations.

nut inserts riveting gun and insert review

To use nut inserts, simply drill out the hole to the desired size so the insert fits. In this scenario, our electrical trainer is using one with a standard M4 thread and inserting it into the board, and then screwing the plate into place on top securely.

“Just put the nut inserts into the hole, and you have to gradually pull the shank up to the edge of the tool to compress it” our electrical trainer explains, “it’s a great way to prolong the life of a metal clad consumer unit that doesn’t need replacing.”

nut inserts riveting gun and insert review

You can start off with an M4 thread and work your way up the sizes included in the Riveting Gun set (M3, M4, M5, M6). These inserts are aluminium and are best suited for the average domestic electrician to use.

“I would like to see a few more larger sizes included in the set, like an M7 or M8.” Our trainer says, “But regardless, they are brilliant in getting the job done and maintaining the life of metal clad boards in a matter of minutes.”


  • Simple, quick and effective solution to making metal clad boards safe and secure again.
  • Prolongs the life of the board and is a great alternative to doing a board change when the thread goes.


  • Could benefit from a few larger thread size options.

The Riveting Gun (with M3, M4, M5, M6) and Threaded Rivet Set are sold separately and available to buy online via Amazon for an average total price of £50.

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