How to Find a Good Online Electrician Course to Start a New Career

There are a few key areas that you should consider very carefully when searching online looking for electrical courses. We have provided a small guide for you covering the key aspects you need to look out for when looking online for an electrical training course.

Electrical Accreditations

Firstly make sure that the electrician courses are accredited and approved by an industry recognised body. The website should clearly display the awarding body’s logos and for the electrical industry is most likely to be the City and Guilds or EAL. To ensure 100% that they are accredited why not visit the awarding body websites, do a search on the training provider to check they are qualified to deliver the courses they are advertising.

Learning Environment

It is important not just to rely on pictures and if possible to go and visit the training centre. When this is not practical see if they have videos which will show a little more than a photo and give you a better understanding of the centre. Also make sure that the facilities are suited for the courses you are undertaking. By this we mean that if you are attending a practical course make sure that the centre is workshop biased and it will not take place in a classroom which is quite common. Lastly always enquire about the environment you will be working in during any electrical installation courses. If the answer is in a work bay only and they do not have any mock flats or houses then we suggest getting back on the internet and start looking again as the training is nowhere near real life.

Class Sizes

Biggest is certainly not best when it comes to the size of class when undertaking your training. We recommend that you ask the question from the potential training provider you have identified and if the answer is more than ten customers to one training instructor on a practical course then do not book the course. From our experience any more than ten you will simply get lost in the crowd and the instructor will not be able to identify any additional needs you may require.

Additional Support

Here you should be asking what are the hours of training for the courses and find out if they are prepared to go the extra mile for their customers. If they tell you it is 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM then the alarm bells should start ringing immediately as there are training providers out there that will open at 8:00 AM and close at 6:30 PM and even offer one to one support. Also you potentially are not comparing like for like when you simply look at the costs of the courses as you will potentially be getting an additional three and a half hours training per day.


Do your homework and make sure that you do not simply book the first course you come across as there is a very large difference in pricing out there at the moment. Make sure you get value for money.

Ensure that you take notice of the points above, ask the relevant questions and if you get all the right answers then you have probably found a good training provider.

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