5 Inventions in 2015 that will blow your mind

With the ever expanding technology in today’s society, it’s times like these where we see some real innovative inventions and products coming to the market. What I like most about them is that they bring a  new perspective when compared to other similar products. Such as having a really unique way of heating up a room that literally uses no power at all compared to central heating. A Lot of new products take the approach of providing the best results possible no matter how much environmental damage is done!

The Easiest Router to set up in the world

Imagine a world without having to type in WiFi passwords, it would be great right? Well, look no further because this is exactly what the KeeWifi router plans to do. The router works on proximity technology and will at first verify devices by coming into extreme close contact with the router. After this, you can use it anywhere within a good range and can reconnect at the press of a button.

Shoe insoles that send your phone running performance data

There’s a lot of technology out there that monitors your performance when exercising such as heart monitoring, however, a lot of these require advanced equipment. With Stridalyzer Smart Insoles you can track your running performance and even spot problems through a smartphone app with no other equipment required whatsoever! This is great if you’re a frequent runner or athlete who’s looking to improve then their performance in every way, shape and form.

Satellite navigation for your bike

One of the biggest problems with cycling is no built in technology such as satellite navigation. With Cobi, you can put smartphones into a dock that will charge your phone, control your bike’s lights accordingly and you can use it for satellite navigation when riding! No more planning routes for cycling to destinations, just simply put in the address and off you go with bike specific directions. I can imagine this would be a lifesaver when cycling in cities. Cobi also provides a similar experience to a car dashboard, giving you speed details, weather forecasts and more.

Never lose your luggage again

I really like this one as I’ve experienced losing luggage before, it really is a pain and you have to rely on what the airline staff tells you when half the time it’s probably incorrect. The Smart Unit is a unique way of tracking your luggage, which turns itself off at check-in and back on again when landing, cool right? It doesn’t stop there though you can also turn on ‘watch mode’, which tells you if someone is trying to open your bag.

Heat up your house for pennies

Energy prices mainly come from heat sources in your home, such as lights, central heating, hair dryers and similar. A new invention known as the eagle is on its way, which is a candle powered lamp served with the purpose of being a heat source. The terracotta shell of the Egloo is designed to be portable, small and eco-friendly, which is perfect for heating up small rooms, the air around working desks and even outdoor tables. It fits four candles and can be up and running effectively in 5 minutes.

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