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Buying or leasing a van: which is best for you?

Self employment has continued to rise according to the 2014 budget announced by George Osbourne, with 211,000 more individuals in self-employment than the last quarter. According to the Guardian, three of the four most common occupations for self employment were carpenters, plumbers and other construction trades. Work in these roles normally requires a van in order to transport […]

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Number of Self-Employed Increases Sharply in the UK

Self-employment increases in the UK George Osborne announced his latest government budget for 2014 last week which revealed that the number of those unemployed has fallen by 63,000 to a total of 2.33 million. It was also unveiled that 211,000 more people are self-employed than last quarter, bringing the total of self-employed people to 4.46 million. Why […]

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University Degree or Apprenticeship: Which is the Best Route?

Both university degrees and apprenticeships are great in different ways, but which one is best for you? We surveyed a class of A-level students whether they would prefer to go for an apprenticeship or a university degree. The results show that 19 of the 30 would rather do an apprenticeship. But why? ‘What University should […]

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The history of wiring regulations and how it effects electricians

Further changes to the 17th edition wiring regulations came into effect recently, so we are examining these in closer detail and also discussing the potential further changes that could take place in the near future. The evolution of wiring regulations have come a long way with the 1st wiring regulations introduced in 1882, consisting of only 4 […]

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Using your customer reviews and feedback to market your services

Reviews and feedback are absolutely vital for the growth of any electricians business as people want to ensure that they are getting a tradesperson that they can trust. Getting good reviews and feedback will give consumers confidence as they often trust what other people say, so it is important to make sure you’re gathering these […]

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