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EC4U expands to accommodate the upskill demand

2020 was a year of change for many people. Redundancies rose by 370,000 in the three months to October 2020 and there were 820,000 fewer employees on company payrolls in November 2020 than there were in February. Those on furlough looked at training courses to upskill and sought new career paths. Aviva have now reported […]

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Is it worth investing in a solar pv system?

The world is becoming more eco-conscious, with many of us turning to reasonable solutions, such as, reusable bags, vegetarian alternatives, cloth nappies, water saving shower heads, using public transport, and filling up the kettle only as much as you need to. However, renewable energy has always seemed to be a more expensive solution for being […]

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How to reduce your winter bill

During this winter, households will undoubtedly be spending more time at home than usual. We are all getting used to a new ‘normal’, whether this be having to work from home, or facing restrictions on social activities. As a result, it is likely that we could be facing higher winter utility bills than usual. Whilst […]

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How to advertise your small business online

With a vast amount of people still working from home and the uncertainty that still faces our community, people are increasingly turning to interacting and connecting online. Digital storm reported from their survey that 55.5% of respondents now spend 3-6 hours online, while 29% spend as much as 7+ hours online. It’s evident that now […]

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What not to do when starting a business

Starting a business is an incredibly daunting, but exciting journey.  For some, it may be their biggest achievement, or a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, 20% of startups don’t make it past their first year, and a staggering 60% go bust within their first three years. While passion can fuel success, it can be risky if you […]

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