Complaints Procedure

A senior member of staff should be designated as responsible for overseeing the
complaints procedure. This will include reviewing complaints received and identifying
trends, if any exist. This person does not have to be responsible for dealing with all
complaints personally.

When a complaint is received the full details will be recorded in the Complaint Log.
A response will be made to the customer within 5 working days, or an agreed timescale.

Where the complaint is of a more complex nature and a response will not be possible
within 5 days, the customer will be contacted within 5 working days and advised of this.
The customer will be given an indication of how soon a full response will be made.
Where it is not possible for a complaint to be resolved within a month of receipt, the
customer will be given a clear explanation in writing.

All actions taken regarding a complaint, including letters, telephone calls and site visits, will
be recorded in the Complaint Log.

The responsible person will review the Complaint Log on a quarterly basis. Where this
highlights a particular problem or pattern this will be investigated and remedial action